Launch X431 PAD VII Link is an unexpected high-end diagnostic tool from Launch, comes with ADAS calibration, 26 service functions, TPMS service and 8 extended modules functions.

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Launch X431 PAD VII Link

With ADAS calibration Automotive Diagnostic Tool Support Online Coding and Programming

Launch X431 PAD VII Link is an unexpected high-end professional diagnostic tool with LAUNCH Innovation technology, and it comes with the ADAS calibration function, 32 service functions, TPMS service and 8 extended modules functions such as videoscope, oscilloscope, sensor box, TPMS tools, key immobilizer and battery tester. New Smartlink C VCI powers technician a new diagnostic level without the limitation of diagnostic functions, tools and vehicle types. Launch X431 Pad V offers topology mapping and a new module 'MALL' for users to expand and upgrade the tool with more diagnosis software.

Launch X431 PAD 7 is an unexpected high-end diagnostic, comes with a 13.3 inch large touch screen. And it equipped with the 2.0GHz Octa-core optimized chipset, Android 9.0 operating system, 8G memory and 256G large storage memories. It makes your intelligent diagnosis faster than ever. The precision-machined outer shell is designed to work against workshop hazards such as water and dust damage and in compliance with IP65.

Launch X-431 PAD 7 uses a high-capacity (about 19,000 mAh) and high power battery to ensure a longer battery life but a shorter charging time. Moreover, Launch X-431 PAD VII improves the connection between scanner and VCI into ‘Dual Wi-Fi' connectivity, which allows the VCI to maintain faster and stable connection during diagnostics. Powerful all system diagnostic functions (intelligent diagnosis, remote diagnosis, read DTC, clear DTC, read data stream, actuation test), accurate diagnostic data, and abundant special functions.


Launch X431 PAD VII Features:

  • Full system vehicle coverage for U.S., Asian and European markets over 110 brands, which is continually updated
  • The software is available to purchase separately on the Mall as demanded
  • Real-time voltage display now be supported, which helps you monitor the voltage condition of vehicle during the diagnosis
  • Topology module mapping gives you visual checking on DTCs and all systems communication status
  • Support automotive communication protocols CAN/CANFD/DolP and automotive communication standards J2534/O-PDU/RP1210
  • Auto-detects the communications protocol of the vehicle and assist to check automotive OBDII port pin dam aged or not
  • Intelligent diagnostic enable identify VIN automatically and access system quickly
  • Guided function for Volkswagen and Audi
  • Optional ADAS calibration function increases more revenue
  • Advanced coding and programming function
  • An extended solution to support TPMS service
  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual band communication ensures quick connection
  • Empower you to diagnose light, medium & heavy duty vehicles with Smartlink C
  • The basic functions include read & clear OTC, remote diagnosis, Bi-directional control, live data graph, wireless software update and so on
  • Build-in repair information and training video modules help to track and fix issue fast

Launch X431 PAD VII Extended Modules:

  • P-600
  • X PROG Immobilizer
  • X PROG 3 Immobilizerr
  • S2-2 Sensorbox
  • O2-1 Scopebox
  • Wi-Fi Printer
  • X431 TSGUN
  • BST360 Bluetooth Battery Tester

Product Specifications:



Smartlink C

Operation System

Android 9.0



2.0GHz Octa-core



13. 3" touch screen 1920x1 080

3. 5" touch screen 320x480








Rear 13MP, Front BMP



Dual Band 2.4&5GHz

Dual Band 2.4&5GHz

Diagnostic Communication



Working Temperature

0°C - 50 °C

0°C- 50 °C


353x236x71 (mm)

204x11 0x45(mm)

Launch X431 PAD VII Service Functions

Advanced ECU Coding and Online Coding

  • J2534 ECU + Programming
  • Flash Hidden Functions
  • ECU Coding
  • Guided Functions
  • Auto Auth for FCA SGW
  • Anti-Theft IMMO Service

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