Standard Clear Floor Two Post Lift: Rated Capacity 3.5/4.0Ton - Launch TLT235/240 SCA CLEAR FLOOR TWO POST LIFT



Launch TLT235/TLT240 SCA CLEAR FLOOR TWO POST LIFT is a standard Clear Floor Two Post Lift (Rated Capacity: 3.5/4.0Ton), applicable for the lifting of various small and medium-sized vehicles with total weight below 3.5/4ton in garage and workshop. And Equipped with electrical control box for easy operation. Moreover The hydraulic clear floor two post lift with a capacity of 3.5/ 4ton and electromagnetic unlock is applicable for the lifting of SUVs, vans and other vehicles up to 4Ton weight.

Launch TLT235/TLT240 SCA Features:

  • Fully automatic unlocking safety device is adopted for operating only with UP/DOWN button.
  • The cable and oil pipe are fully concealed; with decent and elegant appearance.
  • Double hydraulic cylinder and high strength chain drive makes stable and smooth lifting and lowering.
  • Wire rope equalization system forces synchronous movement of two carriages and effectively prevents vehicle form tilting.
  • low voltage control box (IP54 level) ensures operator's safety.
  • Cylinder travel limit switch effectively protects cylinder and extends its lifespan.
  • Emergency lowering valve can be manually operated to make lift lower safely in case power is off.
  • Anti-explosion valve is deployed to make lift slower or stop lowering for the case of oil explosion, thus protects operator's safety and vehicle not being damaged.
  • CE-STOP function with alarm beep would automatically warn operators to keep safe distance from lift when it lowers to about 250mm high from ground.
  • Door rubber pad protected car door from being damaged in collision
  • Symmetric and asymmetric installation types are optional.
  • CE certificated.

Product Specifications:

No. Item Range

  • Rated capacity (kg): 3500/4000
  • Lifting height:1850mm
  • Initial height:110mm
  • Lifting time : <50s
  • Lowering time : >20s <40s40s
  • Motor power (kw) 2.2
  • Overall width: 3400mm
  • Overall height:3840mm
  • Motor power :2. 2kW
  • Motor voltage : 3 phase/380V or Single phase/220V
  • Passage width for symmetric installation (mm) : 2486
  • Overall width for symmetric installation (mm) : 3420
  • Passing width for asymmetric installation (mm) : 2415mm
  • Overall height (mm) 3840
  • Working noise : <75dB (A)
  • Working oil pressure : 16M Pa

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