EV Battery Pack Cell Wireless Equalizer(24 Channels)


LAUNCH EV Battery Pack Cell Wireless Equalizer - EVB624

When the detection tool detects significant voltage variance or inconsistent cell voltages among the battery cells within the battery pack, use the EVB624 to address the issue of excessive voltage variance. After replacing the cells inside the battery module, it is necessary to have an equalizer(such as EVB624) to balance the cells, ensuring that the voltage levels of individual cells are uniform.


Charging Unit + 6 Discharging Units

  • Separate charging and discharging design, with balancer channels freely combinable, supporting simultaneous balancing of up to 24 battery cells. (Each discharge unit supports 4 channels).
  • Wireless networking communication facilitates the expansion of balancer channel quantity.
  • Compatible with all common lithium battery types on the market.
  • Supports two modes: charge & discharge balance and discharge balance.
  • High-precision voltage acquisition module for safe and precise balancing control.
  • Each battery cell is wired separately and independently, effectively avoiding connection errors.
  • Safety Protections: 
    • Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit, reverse connection, overtemperature, etc.