Videoscope to go with your Launch Diagnostic Scanners


About Videoscope

Videoscope can help the workers to view and save the images and videos on Launch X-431 scanner and any android mobile or PC. Without Extensive Disassembly of the 5.5mm Lens Components,Easy to Detect the Damage of Internal Components .

Features & Technical Parameters:

  • View, record and save images and videos!
  • Take images easily with one-click snap shot button!
  • Easy to adjust the strength of light(6 levels)
  • View & save images/videos on Launch X-431 scanner
  • Viewable angle: 60℃-65℃
  • Cable length: 2M

Product Parameters:

Items : VSP-600
Len O.D. (mm): 5.5mm
Tube O.D. (mm): 4.8mm
Tube Length 800mm
USB Cable Length: 1/9”
Resolution : 1280x720
Operating Temperature 0℃~65℃
Power Supply : 5V
USB Port: USB2.0/Type C/Micro USB