Launch Videoscope can go with your Launch Diagnostic Scanners


Launch Videoscope

Launch Videoscope can help the workers to view and save the images and videos on Launch X431 scanner and any android mobile or PC. Without Extensive Disassembly of the 5.5mm Lens Components. Moreover our product can easy to Detect the Damage of Internal Components .

Features & Technical Parameters of Launch Videoscope:

  • View, record and save images and videos!
  • Take images easily with one-click snap shot button!
  • Easy to adjust the strength of light(6 levels)
  • View & save images/videos on Launch X431 scanner
  • Viewable angle: 60°C-65°C
  • Cable length: 2M

Product Parameters :

Items: VSP-600
Len O.D. (mm): 5.5mm
Tube O.D. (mm): 4.8mm
Tube Length 800mm
USB Cable Length: 1/9”
Resolution : 1280x720
Operating Temperature 0℃~65℃
Power Supply : 5V
USB Port: USB2.0/Type C/Micro USB

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