Videoscope 800

LAUNCH VSP-800 | Launch Videoscope Operation


About Videoscope 800

The Videoscope 800 The Launch Videoscope 800 is the perfect tool for viewing and capturing video and still images of hard-to-reach areas. VIEW REAL-TIME INTERNAL STRUCTURE OF THE VEHICLE ON THE 2.7” TFT DISPLAY. VSP-800 ALSO RECORDS AND SAVES IMAGES AND VIDEOS.


  • View, record, and save images and videos.
  • 2.7”TFT display for convenience in real-time viewing.
  • Standard lens tube: 5.5mm, length: 1M.
  • Optimum Camera Focal Distance: 30-80mm.
  • Working Temperature: 20~60℃ (-4~140℉)


Resolution: VGA 640 X 480
Image Type: Live Video/Image Stills
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Image Sensor: 1/12” CMOS
Lens Diameter: 7mm
White Balance: Automatic
Exposure: Automatic
Light Source: 6 Adjustable LEDs
Min. Bending Radius: 50mm