Launch Videoscope Operation | VSP800

LAUNCH VSP-800 - Launch Videoscope Operation

Videoscope 800 - Launch VSP800

Launch Videoscope 800 - VSP800 is the best videoscope and a perfect tool for viewing and capturing video and still images of hard-to-reach areas. View real-time internal structure of the vehicle on the 2.7” TFT DISPLAY. VSP800 also records and saves images and videos. It allows the user to inspect the internal components of an engine for carbon deposits, wear and tear, and to pinpoint sources of unwanted noise. It also helps identify corrosion and confirms component failure without taking apart the entire engine block.


  • View, record, and save images and videos.
  • 2.7”TFT display for convenience in real-time viewing.
  • Standard lens tube: 5.5mm, length: 1M.
  • Optimum Camera Focal Distance: 30-80mm.
  • Working Temperature: 20~60℃ (-4~140℉)


Item Videoscope 800
Resolution: VGA 640 X 480
Image Type: Live Video/Image Stills
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Image Sensor: 1/12” CMOS
Lens Diameter: 7mm
White Balance: Automatic
Exposure: Automatic
Light Source: 6 Adjustable LEDs
Min. Bending Radius: 50mm

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