X-431 PRO 3 Scanner

X-431 PRO 3 passes on LAUNCH advantages in automotive fault diagnostic technology, such as wide car model coverage, powerful function, abundant special functions and accurate test data, etc.

PRO 3 Specs

About X-431 PRO 3 Scanner

X-431 PRO 3 V3.0 carries on LAUNCH advantages in the vehicle trouble diagnostic technology,wide car model coverage, integrated for both diesel and gasoline engines, powerful test function and accurate test data, supports one-click upgrade and achieves full-model and full-system vehicle trouble diagnosis. Supports diagnostic functions of reading DTC, clearing DTC, reading data stream, actuation test, special function, adaptation, coding, etc. added intelligent diagnostic function and brand new UI. In addition, It also provides golo merchant function, bringing more business opportunities to maintenance enterprises. Meanwhile, with the golo instant messaging (IM) and remote diagnostic function, it is easy to maintain a real-time interaction between the maintenance enterprise and car owner, to perform the remote diagnosis accurately and speedily and to communicate and share.


  • ECU Coding and Auto VIN Recognization Function

  • Supports Bi-directional control to perform actuation test and special functions.

  • Can Diagnose HD truck with purchasing HD Modules (Optional).

  • Powerful diagnostic function.

  • Supports intelligent diagnosis, remote diagnosis, maintenance data,

  • Records the datastream and VIN Scan Function Available.

  • Languages: Arabic,French Supported

  • Wide vehicle coverage

    Covers more than 100 world-wide vehicle brands

  • Quick test

    One-click to clear DTC, make diagnosis faster and easier

  • VIN scan

    Automatic scan and manually input VIN

  • Online repair resources

    Provide more than 1000 vehicle models’ service & repair information, handbook, repair case and operation skill.

  • Supports one-click upgrade to update all the vehicles,

  • Provide a quick access to update software fast

  • Golo business

    Convenient to interact with customers, increase customers’ retention and gain more business leads

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