X-431 PRO 3 V4.0

The X-431 PRO 3 V4.0 Module communicates with mobile intelligent terminals through Bluetooth to achieve fault diagnosis for various car models and full systems.

X-431 PRO 3 V4

About X-431 3 V4.0

The X431 V4.0The classic full-function intelligent diagnostic tool with brand-new user friendly design while delivering ultimate performance. Featuring the 1.8GHz 8-core processor and Android 9.0 operation system, the X-431 PRO3 V4.0 is an ideal solution that has everything you need for managing your repair jobs smartly and conveniently, save your time and boosts your productivity.


  • Full vehicle system diagnosis, coverage for abundant US, Asian and European makes and models
  • Automatically identify VIN upon connection to the vehicle for intelligent diagnosis
  • 15 special functions for the main brands
  • Support X-431 ADAS calibration
  • Support 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi connection
  • Read all DTC types for full system, view, graph and record data PIDs, support bi-directional controls, actuation test and all other diagnostic function
  • Full comprehensive HD truck diagnostic software functions
  • Compatible with LAUNCH videoscope and X-PROG
  • Integrated database with comprehensive vehicle service and repair information
  • Diagnostic records and reports can be stored in the cloud without any concern of data missing
  • One-click upgrade and silent install of software
  • Remote diagnosis allowing you to work on a vehicle from your tool without being on-site
  • Integrated lookup table of vehicle coverage

  • Android 9.0 operating system with four-core processor for fast, reliable operation
  • 10.1-inch touch screen display with high resolution for precise details
  • PUSH PUSH connector with practical design for easy storage
  • DBSCar IV VCI with stable Bluetooth connectivity
  • TYPE C interface

Specification: :

Operation system

Android 9.0


1.8GHz, 8-core processor




32GB (max. 128GB expandable memory)


10.1” touch screen


Rear 8 Megapixels, front 5 Megapixels





special functions-2

X-431 PRO V4.0